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Unveiling Kubecost 2.0: A New Era of Kubernetes Cost Management

This webinar offers an in-depth exploration of the exciting innovations in the Kubecost 2.0 release. With major features like Advanced Network Monitoring, Collections, and Forecasting powered by machine learning, this release marks a pivotal upgrade in our offerings. This session addresses the practical aspects of transitioning to 2.0, focusing on its scalability, reduced operational costs, and ease of use.

Watch now to discover how these advancements empower teams with granular, actionable insights for efficient Kubernetes operations.

This session covers:

  • Advanced visibility into Kubernetes network costs for large-scale, complex environments.
  • Streamlined cost allocation with integrated reporting on Kubernetes and cloud expenses.
  • Anticipating future spend and optimizing budgets with forecasting tools powered by machine learning.
  • Generating reports with historical data up to three years for deeper costs analysis.
  • Automating workflows to optimize costs with Kubecost Actions


Kai Wombacher, Product Manager

Sean Pomeroy, Solutions Engineer


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